He fishes it like a lead jig, but be*lieves its allure with these non-aggressive fish comes from its super-slow de*scent through the water. I had the chance to get out and do some crappie fining this afternoon .Caught some nice crappie in the brush . Brush and timber on the edges of channels are good too. My favorite rig is the double minnow rig. With the lake topping 80 degrees, crappies will most often be hanging around deep creek and river channels. The very best ones drop-off sharply from six, eight, or 10 feet to 15 or 20 feet. Moderator: Capt. In most clear lakes, this ranges from 10 to 16 feet deep or so. One of the best ways to do this is by trolling or drifting. Ice Gear. The excitement is over and the place is a shambles. In addition to this, kayak fishing is the perfect way to experience the peace and tranquility that this slow-moving river is capable of providing. Alamo Lake is a shallow reservoir (when compared to other amazing Arizona lakes) with the average depth being 75 feet and a maximum depth of 90 feet when the lake is completely full.The lake spans over 3,500 acres. Crappie: Good 8-12" Crappie fishing has improved.

Jigs tipped with a worm have been working best. Bigger bass usually suspends around the trees 8 to 12 feet deep over depths of 20 to 30 feet. You will need to have exact control or you will spend a lot of time retying rigs. MY GEAR open water gear: 76 med light rod. Im primarily finding these post-spawn crappie in the mouths of spawning bays, in shallow water. Photo Galleries. Crappie fishing guide Joel Harris explains that foreknowledge of crappie migrations and behavior will reduce or even negate any lull in crappie fishing when the spawn is over. The presentations will vary from angler to angler, but here is a couple sure fire crappie rigs for catching post spawn crappie.

On many lakes, black crappie will begin the final migration when the water temperature hits 50-52 degrees, and will be done by the time the white crappie arrive. For many crappie anglers, fishing the post-spawn season is a lot like heading back to the car after the big game. 15.75 in., Goldwater Lake. Minnows have been working best. The double minnow rig is two hooks with an egg sinker in the middle. Night fishing is also highly productive in many areas for catching post-spawn crappie. Normally crappie will be skinny caught under docks since they just spawned, but getting fatter with all the bait fish to eat, said Glenn. Fly-Fishing Laniers Post-Spawn: Check out Henry Cowens excellent article in Mays edition of The Angler Magazine: Greater Atlanta Edition for May fishing patterns and fishing tips (Page 2). Here is what the process looks like: Nest Building: This process lasts for 2-3 days, during this time the male crappie kicks things of by fanning the nests building the bed while the females hold just of the nest. Bluegill and Redear: Good 6-8" Bluegills and redears fishing remains good. Climbing mountains to hunt the Sitka Blacktail deer and Black bears, trolling the ocean for Chinook Salmon and Coho and Fly fishing throughout Alaska and catching Halibut. Bluegill and redear are spawning in the shallows near vegetation. Keep the pressure constant throughout the Larger baits such as a 3-inch Slab Slayer will work well. The easiest way to locate a school of crappie is to cover water.

Once the crappie has spawned on the main part of the lake, they will move to adjacent flats and most fish can be caught 5-8 feet deep suspended over deeper water. Christopher Ray Mapes, Prescott Valley 5/2/04. The lakes in Folses backyard are prime examples of how he approaches the post-spawn. Usually post-spawn fish suspend around pier pilings and brush, and anglers must vary bait-lure depth below a float to locate fish. BassinLou. The mouths of coves can be great, as can submerged humps and reefs on the main lake. Its no secret that crappie love cover, and this holds especially true during spring crappie fishing.

my social . Drifting is one of my favorite techniques, because it is relatively quiet and puts less pressure on the fish. If your lake has stained water, they can even live shallower than 8 of water; even in the dead heat of the summer. Pay attention to the water color. Put each pole in a rod holder. Later in life, after serving as an aviation technician in Desert Storm, Kens wanderlust took him to Alaska to live, work and experience the last frontier. A Texas-rigged plastic worm is one of the most effective lures for post-spawn bass suspended around or in cover. Firstly, a slack line is a great opportunity for the fish to throw the hooks with head shakes. Because he gets the majority of his bites when his crankbaits dredge the bottom, its always his number-one concern. Some bullet points on post-spawn crappie from the pros: Fish visible cover Fish slow when a weather front moves through the area Ci4+ Reel. #CAST #CRAPPIE #FISHING #CRAPPIE #SPAWN ALMOST EVERY CAST, CRAPPIE FISHING, CRAPPIE SPAWN need to get a hold of me ? Crappie tend to hang out at the same depth, so fish at the same depth while trolling or working this kind of structure. Some anglers refer to it as a post-spawn funk as bass are sometimes lethargic and exhausted from spawning, but the period can also offer excellent bass fishing. This method of fishing allows anglers to reach hotspots that are technically inaccessible for larger vessels, as well as on foot. Spawn: Once the nest is finished, the female will move in and start to spawn. Post Spawn Tactic 1: Deep Cranking. Table Quality: Firm, white meat Angling techniques: Worms However, one of the other positives about crappie fishing is the fact that many of the best fishing spots are accessible by land.

Look for pencil weeds, cattails, and fallen trees along the shoreline. my email timher34@gmail.com. Pre-spawn Walleye fishing was exceptional along with having really good Sauger bite. When the water begins to cool in the fall, they will migrate downstream into the ocean. After the Spawn Crappie Fishing Tips for Weiss Lake. Only the most experienced and skilled angler can cast and retrieve a For catching suspended crappie, most fishermen will have to use a cork or slip-bobber to regulate depth. There are two big lakes; Lac des Allemands and

Experiment with boat positioning. Its probably the only way to access all 310 miles of this waterway! Every pro on the tour will throw a crankbait at some point during the late spring early summer events they fish.

The middle states should be in the pre-spawn period while the northern states are about a month away. Two baits might be set 10 feet deep, two at 15 feet and two at 20 feet. Not too many novice fishermen like to fish the post spawn, during this period crappie can be caught but they are usually scattered and finicky. Post spawn is usually indicated when water temperatures reach into the mid 60s and the crappie being caught in the shallows decrease in both size and numbers.

Recommended Advertisement During spawning season, which occurs between the months of May and June, crappie are less concerned with avoiding predators.

Crappie have completed their spawn and have moved into deeper brush piles. My preferred technique for post spawn crappie is slow vertical trolling or spider rigging. This permits you to test different baits and depths. Because post-spawn crappies are spread out and in deeper water, covering water is the name of the game. Hit the brush pile from all angles and experiment with various depths. 6lbs Mono line. Member Report Giveaway Discusses Baits and Techniques for Big Bass Bash- April 22, 2022.

Pre-spawn is simply a period of time before the spawn. As the water clears, crappie move deeper, and in extremely clear water can spawn as deep as 20 feet. Most importantly, during this time of year, look for warm water. The male Crappies stay and guard the eggs and fry until all those little Crappies take off and go their own way.

Catching Crappie After the Spawn, by Ron Wong - Crappie Now More Fishing Videos; Tips For Post Spawn Bass; Tips For Pre-spawn Fishing; Tournaments; Weekly Video Fishing Reports; Photos. Due to their aggressive behavior, they are one of the easiest fish to catch and are a great way to introduce someone to fishing. The following are the top five baits to use for post-spawn bass fishing. Each year when the bass complete their annual spawn, the post-spawn period begins. Crappie will position themselves 2-, 6- or 8-feet of water suspending under the dock resting up after spawning waiting for their meals to come to them under the docks.

The spawn is very close and once that is over the fishing will get very good for about a month or so.

On lakes with standing timber, you can find post-spawn bass suspended in the timber off of pea gravel banks either in coves or the main lake. Deep cranking is a tournament proven way to catch fish. Lake Weiss: (Mark Collins (256) 779-3387 reports) Bass fishing is fair.

Sometimes, I cast 1/8-ounce jigs on an ultralight spinning rod for post-spawn crappie, advised Joey Briggs, a professional angler from Dexter, Ky.

When the beds are made and the fish are spawning its time to cast and jig. Food: Small fish and insects.

Crappie usually hold shallower when the water is stained, dingy or muddy than when the water is clear. Fishing the springtime shad runs can be a great time to go fishing. Youll find Black Crappie in clear(er) waters, while White Crappie are more resilient and dont mind turbid waters as much. Boat control is imperative while doing this. Anywhere dense grassbeds abruptly stop growing due to a depth change can hold fish. 20-60+ fish days were not uncommon in my boat during this time. After spawning Crappies dont immediately seek deeper water. If you do that, you ruin that spot. Trolling with several poles lets you "sweep" an area at several depths to find scattered prespawn crappie. Prespawn bass fishing is electric, one of the most fun times to be on the water all year long. They spend the majority of their lives in saltwater. 15.68 oz.

Use your trolling motor sparingly Bye lets the breeze or tide push him along so he can be as stealthy as possible.

Secondly, when you look to regain the pressure after the line has gone slack, the is a tendency to jerk your rod and pull the hooks. Use minnows and/or jigs in a variety of colors and styles. These little lakes are affected by changes in the main channel of the river without becoming too turbulent. When trolling I will slow my speed to .2 or .3 mph using 16 BnM rods to bump my baits into stumps and brush. Docks and boat houses hold fish all year long but right after spawn they seem to hold there in abundance.

Bank Bass Fishing - There are many techniques, presentations and general differences when catching bass from the bank. Joel Harris On Post Spawn Crappie Fishing. Instead they will move to the nearest brush or vegetation. Once you have found the right main lake flat, you will find large numbers of crappie as well. When they are in the shallows, youll find them in brush and weeds. Fishing during the spawn is its own world, pulling bass from beds or using the seasonal aggression to catch other predatory species. A productive combination for post-spawn crappie, accord*ing to McCadams, is a small floating jig tipped with a lively minnow and weighted with a split-shot about 24 inches above it. Tips for Finding Crappie. Next: How to Catch Post-Spawn Crappie. Crappie are active on the river throughout the year, and the most productive time to go after them is in spring. The warmer weather has turned the fish on. Then after a short stay will move again to the next mid depth drop off or vegetation. Longtime crappier Darrell Baker of Centre, Alabama, has fished Weiss Lake for more than three decades and has guided on the lake for about 10 years. And fishing at the right depth is even more critical with post-spawn crappie. Right now the fish are a bit scattered, we got fish anywhere from 2 feet down to 30 feet so ya gotta check everything. You dont want to wash where youre fishing, he said. UL Rod . Read More

As mentioned above, spider rigging is your best shot at tracking down post spawn crappie. They are staging up getting ready to head to deeper water. Look for drop-offs. Mississippi river pool 4 fishing is underway and it has been a great spring so far. American shad spawn in freshwater in the springtime. Follow the creek channels and look for bait schools that might attract the pre and post spawn crappie. Crappie suspend better in stained water, they feel more comfortable. Its hard to get their attention if they are deep down in brush or other structure, but even if they are just moving, thats a good time to find them out in the open, said Wall. Put your poles out and hunt them down. Won't be as many big fish but lots of good eater size fish to play with for sure. Many of the techniques mentioned above can be effective whether you are on a boat or fishing from the shore.

Shoreline Fishing. or just want to stop by and say hi ? Spawn: April and May. The basic needs of crappie are the ability to eat, spawn, avoid predators, and stay comfortable with optimal temperature and oxygen levels. Probe Channel Cover for Post-Spawn Slabs. Many new techniques to crappie fishing focus on a quicker method to locate suspended fish. Those that have spider webs on them are good places to start. They will often start migrating as early as January in warmer regions.

Arizona State Record: 3 lb. The lake In fact, he as often as not reaches out and pushes his boat away from likely crappie-holding timber instead of using his trolling motor.

The more days of consistently warm weather bringing the water temps up, the smoother the transition will be for the crappie, and the better the fishing will be for the anglers.

EXPLORE MORE: you'll love these stories from John too. Another great place for post-spawn crappies are deep weed edges. To find the best weediness, go to your springtime crappie spots and move out. TECHNIQUES: Spider rigging/trolling is a great method to use in pre and post spawn. The crappie will hold in 8 to 15 of water, located on the standing timber. 08/18/2014 The Importance of Water Color to Catch Crappie with Guide Steve McCadams; Striper Fishing (2) Tips & Tricks (188) Trout Fishing (6) Turkey Hunting (380) Uncategorized (54) Wild Pig Hunting (17) The timing is primarily based upon water temperatures, so late winter and early spring warming and cooling trends can change pre-spawn and spawn dates. May 05, 2022.

Anglers can use tube jigs, spinnerbaits, tiny jerkbaits or small crank baits to probe cover edges. In 1968, the Army Corps Of Engineers made Alamo Dam at the end of the Bill Williams River primarily for flood control purposes. Post member reports for your chance to win! Several trophies were boated by many anglers in my boat along with a fair amount of personal bests caught as well. Especially those that are quiet and don't have anything going on. When approaching a prime post-spawn area for the first time, Crews has one thing on his mind in regard to crankbait fishingbottom contact.